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Creatio client celebrates a milestone with 100,000 members

September 27, 2008

Beanie Kids celebrates it's 100,000th user registration. When we launched their new website in January 2008 they had a little over 50,000 confirmed members. In less than a year that figure has doubled, thanks to a wide range of popular new features we have implemented, including Flash games, a chat forum and a blog.

Creatio headquarters are now based in North Parramatta

May 23, 2008

Creatio's main premises have moved to North Parramatta. We now have more space to kick our company soccer ball & more computing power to develop our clients digital projects.

Proudly introducing Creatio Pty Ltd - now taking orders

April 16, 2008

As of 16 April 2008 Creatio have grown up. We're no longer a group of designers working from a garage studio but now a recognised corporate entity working from a garage studio. Join me in welcoming Creatio Pty Ltd.